Keeping indoor plants has grown in popularity lately, especially having plants in the bathroom. I can see why as they make any room look instantly stylish and there is something extra special about having them in the bathroom.  It can feel quite daunting looking after indoor plants for the first time but like anything once you learn what they need, caring for them will come naturally.

There are many health benefits for us to keep indoor plants too.  Yeahp, it's not just about looks!  Humans tend to forget that we ourselves are nature so surrounding ourselves with nature is very calming for us.  The colour green is apparently healing to our eyes and the biggest benefit of indoor plants is their ability to filter the air we breathe. 

Do you think about the quality and cleanliness of the air inside your home?  I’d say most of us just assume its fine or don’t think about it at all.  The truth is indoor air can be very toxic, in most cases even more toxic than the air outdoors.  People don't realise everything we build a house with and everything we put in it releases chemicals.  Paints, glues, carpets, particleboard, plywood, plastics, varnishes, electronics, air fresheners for example all release chemicals.  There are ways to somewhat decrease or limit indoor toxins such as by building with alternative materials and furnishing with untreated natural furniture.  Just regularly opening your windows is a good way to flush out toxic air.

It is understandable that most of the time we can't control what our house is built or furnished with and that's when we have to do the best we can, with the help of our little plant friends.  NASA performed a clean air study that proved plants have the ability to filter out certain airborne toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and ammonia. 

If you are scared about adopting your first indoor plant, I have made it easy for you by listing 5 of the most easily kept plants for beginners. 


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera prefers to live in a tropical environment, which makes it perfect for the humid bathroom.  It's a good plant for those who are forgetful or are adapting to the responsibility of looking after a plant.  Only minimal watering is needed, it likes well drained soil so in between waters the soil can be fully dried out without it dying off.  This plant does love filtered sunlight so try to put it near a window.



This is a low maintenance plant doesn't need a lot of sunlight to flourish so it's great for those dark bathrooms that don't have windows.  It does need light regular watering, it's best to keep the soil damp but be sure to not over water the plant.


Peace Lily

Peace lilies love its soil to be moist, so watering it a small amount daily should keep it happy.  They don't like to be in direct sunlight so keep it out of the beaming sun, but just close enough by so its leaves can pick up some reflective light.


Snake Plant

The snake plant otherwise known as the mother-in-law’s tongue is very drought tolerant so if you forget to water it or take a holiday, it will be fine.  It hates to be over watered and needs well drained soil as it is prone to rot.  Water only once you can feel the soil is dry.  This one loves direct sunlight and can also tolerate dark corners; this is definitely not a fussy plant.



If you are after the over flowing plant look that is so hot right now, this is the one to go for.  It grows super quick and will trail along and down your window or bench top.  This one is a bit touchier to get right as it will depend on which species you get.  Keep this one close to a window as all ivies need lots of sunlight, variegated species in particular as their distinct leaf markings will be less pronounced if they have less light.  Only water a small amount when you can see the soil is dry, it hates to be in overly wet soil.

 Few standard tips:

  • Make sure the amount you water it is correct. You can figure it out by starting with less, it's easier to top up your plant then to drain it.  It will tell you it needs a drink by curling and sagging its leaves, give it water and in a few hours it should perk up.  If it is really dehydrated, it will turn a yellow colour. 
  • Keep their leaves clean by running some water over them or wiping them with a damp cloth if you see dust build up.
  • Even if the plant loves sunlight keep an eye on how it looks, if it gets too hot it may burn the leaves. If you see any brown spots appearing just pull it further away from the light.
  • And overall have fun getting to know your healthy air helper.

Time to bring those green beauties inside!

The EVAH Organics team


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